Monster Girl Booru

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Author: velocity37

Modification of "Bulk Add" by Shish.

Adds images from a CSV with the five following values:
"/path/to/image.jpg","spaced tags","source","rating s/q/e","/path/thumbnail.jpg"
e.g. "/tmp/cat.png","shish oekaki","","s","tmp/custom.jpg"

Any value but the first may be omitted, but there must be five values per line.
e.g. "/why/not/try/bulk_add.jpg","","","",""

Image thumbnails will be displayed at the AR of the full image. Thumbnails that are normally static (e.g. SWF) will be displayed at the board's max thumbnail size

Useful for importing tagged images without having to do database manipulation.

Note: requires "Admin Controls" and optionally "Image Ratings" to be enabled

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