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1girl :c adjusting_hat armpits blonde_hair blush breasts dragon_girl dragon_tail erect_nipples green_skin hat large_breasts long_hair monster_girl one-piece_swimsuit original pointy_ears pool red_eyes ryuujin_no_senpai scales school_swimsuit shiny shiny_clothes solo swimsuit tail toki // 829x1198 // 968.6KB :o adjusting_hat aron black_hair blue_eyes blush_stickers hitec moemon personification pokemon shorts sitting // 512x512 // 31.0KB :d adjusting_hat airana black_hair black_legwear blonde_hair bow braid brown_eyes brown_hair cape choker club coat creature desco detached_sleeves disgaea emizel fenrich formal gloves grey_hair grin hair_tubes happy hat hood kazamatsuri_fuuka long_hair makai_senki_disgaea_4 monster_girl necktie open_mouth payot pink_hair pointy_ears prinny purple_hair red_eyes ribbon short_hair skirt smile spiked_hair suit sword tabard thighhighs twintails valvatorez_(disgaea) vulcanus_(disgaea_4) weapon white_gloves wrist_cuffs yellow_eyes // 600x996 // 586.9KB