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2girls 2koma :3 anger_vein animalization blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair border breasts chains clenched_hands comic cuffs flying_sweatdrops head_fins highres horn hoshiguma_yuugi imagining japanese_clothes kimono long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another manacles mermaid monster_girl multiple_girls narwhal open_mouth puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_eyes sakazuki short_hair short_sleeves sleeve_tug sparkle star star-shaped_pupils symbol-shaped_pupils touhou wakasagihime wide-eyed wide_sleeves wool_(miwol) // 1618x2178 // 1.4MB animalization ariel_(disney) ariel_(disney)_(cosplay) armor aurora_(disney) aurora_(disney)_(cosplay) braid cosplay cow_girl disney double_bun fa_mulan_(disney) fa_mulan_(disney)_(cosplay) hair_bun highres jasmine_(disney) jasmine_(disney)_(cosplay) jessie_the_yodeling_cowgirl jessie_the_yodeling_cowgirl_(cosplay) lion long_hair mermaid monochrome monster_girl mulan nancy1209 pocahontas pocahontas_(disney) pocahontas_(disney)_(cosplay) polearm princess snow_white_(disney) snow_white_(disney)_(cosplay) snow_white_and_the_seven_dwarfs spear the_lion_king the_little_mermaid toy_story weapon // 1200x1900 // 529.8KB  ! animal_ears animalization artist_request black_hair breasts chopsticks claws erect_nipples fangs fur furrified furry japanese_clothes lactation miko monster_girl navel nipples tears transformation // 800x640 // 145.7KB amputee animalization asuka_(dorohedoro) bee blush caiman character_request collar demon_tail dog dorohedoro ebisu_(dorohedoro) emlan en grey_eyes grin horns kasukabe_(dorohedoro) kikurage_(dorohedoro) leash mask monster_girl nikaido noi_(dorohedoro) personification pink_hair risu_(dorohedoro) role_reversal shin simple_background smile tail tanba_(dorohedoro) // 1037x770 // 173.1KB