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 ! 3boys 4girls ankh aquarius aries axolotl backwards_hat baseball baseball_cap black_hair blonde_hair blue_hair breasts cameo capricorn cat cuttlefish dark_skin dog extra_eyes flaccid flower garfield_(character) gemini green_hair hand_holding hank_hill hat helmet hibiscus hieroglyphics homer_simpson leo long_hair mermaid monster_girl multiple_boys multiple_girls nude original otter paul_robertson penis pentagram peter_griffin pisces pixel_art red_panda seahorse shiba_inu shoes shrek_(character) sitting sneakers surreal taurus tentacle wombat yin_yang // 768x432 // 150.0KB animal_ears ankh anubis black_hair breasts cleavage dark_skin hair_tubes highres jewelry long_hair monster_girl navel necklace original payot scale shimo_(depthbomb) simple_background solo tail yellow_eyes // 1295x2313 // 733.9KB ankh black_hair dark_skin egyptian highres lamia monster_girl scales scepter snake tail // 1414x2000 // 1.5MB amphisbaena ankh bare_shoulders belt bikini_top bow breasts cleavage dark_skin elbow_gloves gloves hair_bow kara_(color) looking_at_viewer monochrome monster_girl mythology navel open_mouth original simple_background smile sweatdrop // 650x804 // 207.2KB