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6+girls aerith_gainsborough aqua_(kingdom_hearts) arms_up bare_shoulders bikini_top black_hair blonde_hair blue_hair bra braid brown_eyes brown_hair eyes_closed female final_fantasy final_fantasy_ix final_fantasy_vi final_fantasy_vii final_fantasy_x final_fantasy_x-2 final_fantasy_xiii garnet_til_alexandros_xvii green_eyes green_hair headband highres kingdom_hearts lightning_farron lingerie long_hair mermaid midriff monster_girl multiple_girls oerba_dia_vanille okiara pink_hair pink_ribbon ponytail red_hair ribbon rikku seashell_bra short_hair single_braid tail tifa_lockhart tina_branford twintails underwear vest wink yuna // 1452x1512 // 1.2MB 1girl aqua_(kingdom_hearts) armpits arms_up blue blue_hair hapsat high_heels highres kingdom_hearts mermaid monster_girl shoes signature solo water // 1156x2126 // 1.4MB