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2girls abs ahoge arm_around_shoulder black_hair black_sclera breasts dark_skin dragon_girl endless_library grin height_difference horn horns hug kipuka large_breasts lizhp midriff monster_girl multiple_girls orange_eyes original pointy_ears ringed_eyes scales short_hair smile sports_bra tail whistle_frog // 800x949 // 533.2KB 2girls arm_around_shoulder blood blush cigarette fingerless_gloves gloves hetza_(hellshock) lighter monochrome monster_girl multiple_girls pointy_ears scar sharp_teeth short_hair simple_background tentacle white_background wink // 766x620 // 243.0KB 2girls arm_around_shoulder bare_shoulders chains crossover fang hands_on_hips horn hoshiguma_yuugi midriff monochrome monster_girl multiple_girls navel pointy_ears prison_clothes radlionheart sakazuki sake scar scythana_(skullgirls) shackle sharp_teeth short_hair sketch skullgirls touhou // 1024x839 // 297.3KB