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1girl antennae arm_blade bare_legs blush breasts brown_hair cameltoe chemise dutch_angle female giganntu hair_ribbon highres lingerie looking_at_viewer mamono_girl_lover mantis_(monster_girl_encyclopedia) monster_girl monster_girl_encyclopedia nipples open_mouth panties pink_panties ribbon see-through short_hair slit_pupils solo spiked_hair standing underwear weapon yellow_eyes // 1000x1350 // 378.7KB 2girls arm_blade ass gipsy_danger glowing glowing_eyes green_eyes highres mecha_musume monster_girl multiple_girls neon_trim otachi pacific_rim personification rakihiro tail thrusters weapon // 2000x1500 // 1.4MB 1girl :p anchor arainobu arm_blade arm_up black_gloves blue_eyes bracelet braid breasts canister cleavage digimon elbow_gloves fins gloves hair_ornament hat head_fins jewelry large_breasts long_hair mermaid mermaimon midriff monster_girl pirate_hat simple_background single_braid solo tail_ring tattoo text tongue very_long_hair weapon wink // 700x560 // 307.0KB