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1girl aqua_eyes aqua_hair artist_name at_classics blush bracelet breasts hatsune_miku headset jewelry long_hair looking_at_viewer marker_(medium) mermaid monster_girl sample shell shell_bikini smile solo traditional_media twintails very_long_hair vocaloid water // 528x600 // 469.7KB 1girl artist_name at_classics blue_eyes blue_hair blush bracelet breast_hold breasts head_fins huge_breasts jewelry long_hair marker_(medium) mermaid monster_girl navel original sample solo traditional_media very_long_hair water // 527x600 // 400.5KB 1girl at_classics bare_shoulders blue_eyes blue_hair head_fins japanese_clothes kimono kimono_pull long_sleeves marker_(medium) mermaid monster_girl obi sample short_hair smile solo touhou traditional_media underwater undressing wakasagihime wide_sleeves // 531x600 // 491.3KB