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auruo_bossard blue_eyes brown_hair erd_gin eren_yeager female_titan flower gunter_shulz monster_girl multiple_boys multiple_girls petra_ral shingeki_no_kyojin short_hair tears uniform // 1000x707 // 228.4KB auruo_bossard black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes erd_gin eren_yeager female_titan gunter_shulz monster_boy monster_girl nude open_mouth petra_ral rogue_titan shingeki_no_kyojin short_hair steam // 1500x960 // 734.3KB angry auruo_bossard blonde_hair blood blue_eyes cape erd_gin female_titan giant gunter_shulz guro monster monster_girl multiple_boys petra_ral shingeki_no_kyojin steam weapon // 1687x2250 // 3.4MB