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absurdres ahegao axe bare_shoulders bdsm bondage boots breasts brown_hair caitlyn_(league_of_legends) defeated draven f3d gloves gun hat highres leaf league_of_legends licking long_hair monster_girl multiple_girls open_mouth panties pointy_ears red_hair restrained taric thorns tongue underwear vines weapon zyra // 2480x3507 // 2.1MB 1girl absurdres animal_ears armor ass axe blonde_hair blue_eyes boots bunny_ears detached_sleeves elin_(tera) from_behind gauntlets highres huge_weapon looking_back monster_girl no_pants panties short_hair solo symbol-shaped_pupils tail tera_online thighhighs underwear warrior weapon // 4408x3179 // 2.7MB 1girl axe benio691 black_hair blue_eyes fighting head jewelry lamia lots_of_jewelry monster monster_girl multiple_arms original polearm short_hair spear sword weapon // 1200x699 // 249.9KB armor axe axe_armor castlevania castlevania:_portrait_of_ruin double_bladed_axe double_headed_battle_axe genderswap gloves helmet huge_weapon knight long_hair matsukeshi monster_girl official_art old_axe_armor ponytail profile red_eyes red_hair simple_background solo standing warrior weapon // 1024x819 // 345.8KB asterl axe dante devil_may_cry devil_may_cry_3 long_hair monster_girl nevan purple_hair puyoko short_hair vampire weapon white_hair // 500x556 // 158.3KB 1girl :< abs animal_ears axe bandage blush breasts censored dog_ears earrings elbow_gloves erect_nipples erection futanari hand_on_hip hips jewelry long_hair mofuringu monster_girl muscle nipples nude penis pink_eyes pink_hair pointless_censoring precum pubic_hair pussy solo translated weapon // 900x1002 // 710.4KB armor axe battle breasts centaur cleavage large_breasts lizard_woman monster_girl scales sword tagme tail weapon // 859x696 // 187.7KB axe bread eating frankenstein heterochromia monster_girl red_eyes screw sumeshi weapon yellow_eyes zombie // 797x750 // 303.7KB akai_(artist) animal_ears axe cyclops fin flour hat horns monster_girl sack scarecrow tagme // 570x770 // 68.6KB abs artist_request axe book character_profile minotaur mon-musu_quest! monster_girl translation_request weapon // 797x571 // 221.7KB arachne armor artist_request axe belt blue_skin blush breasts censored collar fang monster_girl open_mouth original pink_hair pointy_ears smile spider_girl tail topless weapon // 1000x1077 // 209.0KB animal_ears axe blonde_hair bow_(weapon) brown_hair character_request cow_ears cow_tail goat_ears green_eyes horns minotaur minxy monster_boy monster_girl orange_eyes original original_character satyr tail temia weapon wink // 1280x1071 // 1.4MB 6+girls animal arm axe black_hair blonde_hair blood blue_eyes blue_sclera blue_skin bone bow breasts brown_eyes brown_hair centipede child cleavage dog dress drill_hair fangs footwear gun halloween happy_halloween hat headband highres insect intestines jack-o&#039;-lantern leash maid monster_girl multiple_girls name_tag necktie nurse nurse_cap officer open_mouth organs original police police_officer pumpkin red_eyes red_hair red_sclera scalpel school_uniform smoke socks suit tongue torn_clothes ume_(illegal_bible) uniform weapon you_gonna_get_raped zombie // 1600x1200 // 1.5MB 1girl abs axe blush breasts horns large_breasts loincloth long_hair mofuringu monster_girl open_mouth solo weapon // 623x800 // 129.0KB axe bdsm bondage breasts brown_eyes brown_hair chains cleavage collar cuffs demon demon_girl gloves hashiradokei highres horns impossible_clothes manacle manacles monster_girl panties piercing restrained ribbon tail tears thighhighs thong underwear wallpaper weapon wings // 811x1200 // 251.3KB akai_(artist) animal_ears arrow axe bandage bee bee_girl black_hair blonde_hair bow_(weapon) brown_hair cat cat_ears centaur dragon dragon_girl drider feathers female fur ghost green_hair harpy horns horse hybrid insect insect_girl lamia lizard lizard_girl monster_girl multiple_girls mummy mushroom mushroom_girl orange_hair pixel_art plant plant_girl red_hair scarecrow scorpion scorpion_girl slug snail snail_girl snake snake_girl spider spider_girl spirit tail weapon web white_hair wings // 570x770 // 68.1KB 1girl abs axe breasts character_profile cleavage earrings female gloves horns minotaur mon-musu_quest! 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