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1girl autumn_black_cat barnacle belt calne_ca crustacean cyborg eyelashes fingernails hands hatsune_miku highres insect_girl isopod long_hair monochrome monster_girl nato-kun necktie saikin_osen_-_bacterial_contamination_-_(vocaloid) spot_color twintails very_long_hair vocaloid // 1239x1752 // 794.7KB barnacle blue_hair blush bubble convenient_censoring flat_chest kenkou_cross loli monster_girl purple_eyes // 344x520 // 95.1KB 1girl 3d aqua_eyes barnacle belt black_hair bow calne_ca crustacean gradient_hair hair_bow heterochromia highres isopod jewelry long_hair maeda_koutarou monster_girl multicolored_hair necklace original red_eyes red_hair saikin_osen_-_bacterial_contamination_-_(vocaloid) school_uniform serafuku skirt skull solo twintails very_long_hair vocaloid // 1125x1500 // 522.1KB 3girls acocha barnacle beach_shirena_(latale) blonde_hair blush bracelet brown_hair bubble censor_hair closed_eyes fish harp head_wings instrument jewelry latale long_hair mermaid monster_girl multicolored_hair multiple_girls no_bra open_mouth purple_eyes red_hair seaweed shirena_(latale) smile tiara underwater water_shirena_(latale) // 800x600 // 206.4KB