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animal_ears bare_legs bear_ears bear_tail between_thighs brown_eyes brown_hair crescent crescent_moon finger_to_mouth hoodie kuromiya moemon moon no_pants personification pokemon short_hair sitting tail teddiursa thighs wariza // 800x800 // 1.0MB between_thighs blonde_hair blue_eyes blush breasts capcom dark_skin highres long_hair monster_girl monster_hunter personification royal_ludroth solo sweat tail thighs translation_request wink // 1000x1350 // 486.9KB :p antennae bee_girl between_thighs boots bottomless finger_to_mouth highres insect_girl knee_boots kneeling monster_girl multiple_arms orange_eyes original pubic_hair purple_hair short_hair tongue wings // 1175x1200 // 615.3KB akaname akaname-san animal_ears bad_id bare_shoulders between_thighs black_hair blush bob_cut boots chibi child hitodama japanese_clothes jingai_modoki kimono long_tongue monster_girl original pointy_ears red_eyes seiza short_hair simple_background sitting slit_pupils solo tail tongue v_arms yukata // 650x650 // 209.9KB armor barding bare_legs between_thighs bikini blurry breath cape claws crown depth_of_field dragon front-tie_top green_eyes helmet highres horns jewelry monster_girl navel necklace open_mouth original pointy_ears prototype-d riding saddle silver_hair skull slit_pupils solo swimsuit tail tattoo wings // 1065x1623 // 272.9KB