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5girls :d ^_^ blonde_hair blood blood_on_face blood_splatter blood_stain blue_eyes blue_hair dynamite eyes_closed fur_trim green_hair grin hetza_(hellshock) hoodie monster_girl multiple_girls open_mouth red_eyes scar sharp_teeth slime smile tentacle // 1464x741 // 927.1KB 2girls blood blood_stain blush hand_on_another's_face hetza_(hellshock) jewelry monochrome monster_girl multiple_girls necklace pointy_ears scar short_hair simple_background sweatdrop white_background yuri // 877x620 // 272.2KB 2girls blonde_hair blood blood_on_face blood_stain blue_eyes claws fingerless_gloves fire flamethrower gloves hetza_(hellshock) monster_girl multiple_girls red_eyes sharp_teeth skull suitcase torn_clothes weapon // 1172x877 // 775.6KB 1girl bandage belt blood blood_stain claws debris fingerless_gloves fur_trim gloves hetza_(hellshock) jacket monochrome monster_girl patch sharp_teeth short_hair simple_background skull solo squatting torn_clothes white_background // 744x1052 // 340.5KB 1girl blonde_hair blood blood_stain blush claws constricted_pupils expressions fingerless_gloves gloves guro hands_in_pocket hetza_(hellshock) injury intestines looking_away monster_girl pointy_ears saliva scar sharp_teeth solo tongue // 1169x1013 // 600.6KB 2girls :d ^_^ blood blood_stain blue_eyes eyes_closed hetza_(hellshock) monster_girl multiple_girls nagai_gojitsudan_no_nechronica open_mouth pointy_ears scar sharp_teeth simple_background smile tentacle // 652x922 // 315.0KB absurdres bare_shoulders blood_stain blue_skin boots braid breasts elf fingerless_gloves gauntlets gloves hair_over_one_eye highres large_breasts monster_girl original pointy_ears red_eyes scar solo sunabe twin_braids weapon white_hair // 2591x3624 // 5.1MB 6+girls ahoge arm_warmers bandages bare_shoulders belt blonde_hair blood blood_stain blush_stickers boots bow chain checkered chibi cog cogs cross drill_hair english eyepatch forked_tongue frown gauntlets gears glasses_on_head grey_eyes grey_hair gun hair_between_eyes hair_over_one_eye hairband holding jacket long_hair long_tongue looking_up mary_janes midriff monster_girl mukai_keiichirou multiple_girls mummy no_nose no_symbol oriental_hatchet original pleated_skirt purple_hair red_eyes ribbon road_sign shoes shotgun sign sitting skirt skull sleeping smile snake standing striped striped_legwear sunglasses tank_top thighhighs tongue torn_clothes twin_drills twintails weapon white_hair // 715x665 // 275.3KB