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1girl alternate_color alternate_form bat blue_eyes blue_hair blue_sclera blue_skin bow crab demon_girl demon_wings fang green_sclera green_skin hairband harpy horns insect_girl jewelry lamia lizard lots_of_jewelry mermaid monkey monster_girl official_art pale_skin pill_bug pointy_ears shantae shantae:_half-genie_hero shantae_(character) sharp_teeth snake spider_girl succubus text thighhighs tiger wings // 1208x1107 // 354.1KB 1girl blue_sclera blue_skin breasts character_name english fangs fins fusion grin head_fins highres long_hair monster_girl one-piece_swimsuit personification red_eyes school_swimsuit shark_girl sharktnado simple_background slit_pupils slugbox smile solo stuffed_animal swimsuit syfy tentacle thigh_gap water white_background // 1169x1200 // 761.7KB 6+girls animal arm axe black_hair blonde_hair blood blue_eyes blue_sclera blue_skin bone bow breasts brown_eyes brown_hair centipede child cleavage dog dress drill_hair fangs footwear gun halloween happy_halloween hat headband highres insect intestines jack-o'-lantern leash maid monster_girl multiple_girls name_tag necktie nurse nurse_cap officer open_mouth organs original police police_officer pumpkin red_eyes red_hair red_sclera scalpel school_uniform smoke socks suit tongue torn_clothes ume_(illegal_bible) uniform weapon you_gonna_get_raped zombie // 1600x1200 // 1.5MB 1girl bare_shoulders blue_hair blue_sclera blue_skin blush breast_hold breasts bridal_gauntlets crossed_arms glacies_(monster_girl_encyclopedia) headband highres ice leaning_forward monster_girl monster_girl_encyclopedia multicolored_hair nature navel no_feet no_panties purple_eyes rocknroll snowflakes thighhighs translated twintails two-tone_hair // 1024x1449 // 647.4KB