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6+girls aliorumnas alraune amphisbaena_(castlevania) animal_ears annotated aqua_hair astarte_(castlevania) bikini black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blue_skin bonnet boots breasts broom broom_riding cape castlevania castlevania:_portrait_of_ruin cat cat_ears chibi claws cleavage coppelia_(castlevania) corset covering crossed_legs crown dancing dark_skin demon_girl demon_tail doll doll_joints dress elbow_gloves embarrassed everyone fake_sypha flower frills frozen_shade ghost_dancer gloves gothic_lolita green_hair green_skin gun hair_over_one_eye harpy harpy_(castlevania) hat heterochromia high_heels hood ichiji_shiki killer_doll knee_boots lamia large_breasts laughing laura_(castlevania_por) lerajie lilith_(castlevania) lolita_fashion long_hair loretta_lecarde maid maid_headdress marionette marionette_(castlevania) medusa medusa_(castlevania) monster_girl multiple_girls no_nipples nude nurse nurse_cap nyx_(castlevania) official_art pantyhose persephone pink_hair pink_skin plant_girl pointy_ears ponytail purple_hair rifle rose sarong scales shoes short_hair shy siblings side_ponytail sisters sitting skull smirk snake snake_tail stella_lecarde student_witch succubus succubus_(castlevania) swimsuit syringe tail teeth troll_face twins vacuum_cleaner vampire very_long_hair vines wallpaper weapon wings wink witch witch_(castlevania) witch_hat // 1024x819 // 464.0KB 1girl bonnet brown_hair dress flower heart_(organ) lips long_hair long_sleeves monster_girl original pink_rose pointy_ears profile rose skull solo talons wings yoru_(xueyinye) // 1400x993 // 327.2KB 0_0 4girls akemi_homura bonnet bow candeloro cape comic drill_hair flat_gaze hair_ornament hair_ribbon hat homulilly horns mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mermaid miki_sayaka monochrome monster_girl multiple_girls oktavia_von_seckendorff open_mouth ophelia_(madoka_magica) ponytail ribbon sakura_kyouko short_hair sleeves_past_wrists spoilers sword tomoe_mami translated twin_drills weapon witch_hat yoshiwo_(kanikama) // 507x708 // 113.2KB 5girls akemi_homura black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair bonnet bow braid candeloro cape drill_hair fang fiery_hair hair_ribbon hat hayashiya_zankurou homulilly horse kaname_madoka kriemhild_gretchen long_hair magical_girl mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mermaid miki_sayaka monster_girl multiple_girls oktavia_von_seckendorff ophelia_(madoka_magica) panties personification pink_eyes pink_hair purple_eyes red_hair ribbon sakura_kyouko skirt smile spoilers thighhighs tomoe_mami translated twin_drills twintails underwear witch_(madoka_magica) yellow_eyes // 1490x700 // 751.2KB