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baby bad_id buranantoka chibi fangs frog lamia leaf monster_girl purple_hair red_eyes scales short_hair snake stuffed_animal stuffed_toy touhou yasaka_kanako // 600x600 // 96.8KB animal_ears arm_warmers blonde_hair bow breasts bucket buranantoka extra_breasts fangs flat_chest fur green_eyes green_hair hair_bow horns in_bucket in_container kisume kurodani_yamame mizuhashi_parsee monster_girl nipples pointy_ears red_eyes scarf short_hair spider_girl spider_web torn_clothes touhou translated tsuchigumo twintails // 1190x780 // 293.1KB ! !! 2girls >_< arm_warmers blush bow broom buranantoka comic fangs heart kurodani_yamame masochism mizuhashi_parsee monochrome monster_girl multiple_girls pointy_ears purple scarf short_hair silent_comic spider_girl spoken_heart touhou // 330x600 // 48.2KB bow brown buranantoka hair_bow kurodani_yamame monochrome monster_girl short_hair simple_background spider_girl touhou white_background // 600x580 // 44.8KB