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1girl alternate_form bad_end breasts brown_hair castlevania castlevania:_portrait_of_ruin charlotte_aulin cleavage corruption dark_persona empty_eyes female head_wings long_hair monster_girl red_eyes shoulders solo succubus tagme wings // 912x1318 // 860.6KB armor axe axe_armor castlevania castlevania:_portrait_of_ruin double_bladed_axe double_headed_battle_axe genderswap gloves helmet huge_weapon knight long_hair matsukeshi monster_girl official_art old_axe_armor ponytail profile red_eyes red_hair simple_background solo standing warrior weapon // 1024x819 // 345.8KB 3girls bat bite_mark biting blood blood_sucking castlevania castlevania:_portrait_of_ruin charlotte_aulin corset fangs hayato loretta_lecarde monster_girl multiple_girls restrained stella_lecarde succubus vampire // 750x563 // 151.9KB 6+girls aliorumnas alraune amphisbaena_(castlevania) animal_ears annotated aqua_hair astarte_(castlevania) bikini black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blue_skin bonnet boots breasts broom broom_riding cape castlevania castlevania:_portrait_of_ruin cat cat_ears chibi claws cleavage coppelia_(castlevania) corset covering crossed_legs crown dancing dark_skin demon_girl demon_tail doll doll_joints dress elbow_gloves embarrassed everyone fake_sypha flower frills frozen_shade ghost_dancer gloves gothic_lolita green_hair green_skin gun hair_over_one_eye harpy harpy_(castlevania) hat heterochromia high_heels hood ichiji_shiki killer_doll knee_boots lamia large_breasts laughing laura_(castlevania_por) lerajie lilith_(castlevania) lolita_fashion long_hair loretta_lecarde maid maid_headdress marionette marionette_(castlevania) medusa medusa_(castlevania) monster_girl multiple_girls no_nipples nude nurse nurse_cap nyx_(castlevania) official_art pantyhose persephone pink_hair pink_skin plant_girl pointy_ears ponytail purple_hair rifle rose sarong scales shoes short_hair shy siblings side_ponytail sisters sitting skull smirk snake snake_tail stella_lecarde student_witch succubus succubus_(castlevania) swimsuit syringe tail teeth troll_face twins vacuum_cleaner vampire very_long_hair vines wallpaper weapon wings wink witch witch_(castlevania) witch_hat // 1024x819 // 464.0KB 2girls 53-tsu apron aqua_eyes aqua_hair bald bandaid beard blood blue_hair bodysuit brooch brown_eyes brown_hair castlevania castlevania:_portrait_of_ruin claws dress earrings engrish facial_hair frills genie gloves goatee green_skin gun hairband jewelry kneeling larva_(vampire_princess_miyu) lerajie maid maid_headdress mary_janes monster monster_girl multiple_girls mustache official_art persephone purple_skin ranguage red_eyes saliva shiny shiny_clothes shoes short_hair skull smile socks standing teeth tongue vacuum_cleaner weapon // 1024x819 // 169.5KB blonde_hair blue_skin bracer breasts castlevania castlevania:_portrait_of_ruin lamia large_breasts medusa medusa_(castlevania) monster_girl no_nipples nude official_art pointy_ears profile s._higashida scales snake_tail solo tail // 1024x819 // 300.8KB