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blue_fire boots bow chandelure dress fire kurosu_rino moemon personification pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_bw purple_fire purple_hair see-through shanderaa short_hair side_ponytail smile standing_on_one_leg striped striped_legwear thighhighs yellow_eyes // 600x800 // 113.5KB alternate_color braid chandelure fire flame moemon personification pink_fire pokemon quin_tails shanderaa shiny_pokemon tsukudato white_fire // 1000x1111 // 812.1KB chandelure chibi dress dual_persona fire flame jewelry moemon necklace open_mouth personification pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_bw ponytail purple_hair shanderaa short_hair simple_background sitting smile solo veil yellow_eyes // 539x600 // 337.8KB