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bandage barefoot blue_skin chair code_of_princess grin hair_over_one_eye lady_zozo long_hair midriff monster_girl panties pink_hair scar scarf sitting skull smile staff stitches teeth twintails yellow_eyes zombie // 860x1035 // 592.4KB 1girl artist_request bare_legs blue_skin body_marking code_of_princess female hair_ornament hair_over_one_eye lady_zozo monster_girl navel panties pink_hair scarf skull_hair_ornament solo staff stitches tagme twintails yellow_eyes // 700x900 // 161.1KB 1girl alternate_color artist_request code_of_princess earring hair_ornament hair_over_one_eye lady_zozo monster_girl pale_skin scarf simple_background skull skull_hair_ornament solo stitches twintails white_background zombie // 600x800 // 326.1KB bare_legs blue_skin claws code_of_princess hair_covering_one_eye lady_zozo monster_girl panties pink_hair skull skull_hair_ornament smile witch witch_hat yellow_eyes yon zombie // 938x399 // 163.1KB