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1girl android bed bedroom blue_eyes coramune elbow_gloves fish gloves helmet highres jewelry lantern lying mermaid monster_girl necklace robot rockman rockman_(classic) rockman_9 room solo splash_woman stuffed_animal stuffed_toy television wardrobe water // 1355x1837 // 1.0MB 1girl blue_eyes coramune gem helmet highres mermaid monster_girl navel polearm robot rockman rockman_(classic) solo splash_woman trident weapon // 1107x1333 // 240.3KB 2girls blonde_hair blue_eyes coramune elbow_gloves flower gloves green_eyes helmet mermaid monster_girl multiple_girls pointing ponytail rockman rockman_(classic) roll splash_woman // 832x628 // 198.5KB 1girl absurdres android blue_eyes breasts coramune elbow_gloves gloves helmet highres mermaid monster_girl polearm robot rockman rockman_(classic) splash_woman trident underwater weapon // 1949x2701 // 1.1MB