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1girl blue_eyes blue_hair blurry cloud crescent_moon depth_of_field green_eyes head_fins highres in_water japanese_clothes long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mermaid monster_girl moon mountain nature night night_sky obi revision risutaru river sash short_hair sky smile solo stone touhou wakasagihime water water_droplets wide_sleeves // 2274x1254 // 2.1MB 6+girls :q animal_ears anubis bandage bandeau barefoot black_hair blue_eyes blurry blush breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cat_ears cat_tail cleavage crop_top dark_skin depth_of_field egyptian forehead_jewel girtablilu green_hair highres hime_cut khepri knife large_breasts lecoly legs_crossed long_hair mamono_girl_lover monster_girl monster_girl_encyclopedia multiple_girls mummy_(monster_girl_encyclopedia) navel nude paws pharaoh_(monster_girl_encyclopedia) pink_hair pointy_ears purple_eyes purple_hair rnlecoly sandworm_(monster_girl_encyclopedia) short_hair sitting snake socks sphinx_(monster_girl_encyclopedia) staff striped striped_legwear sunbeam sunlight tail throne tongue underboob veil // 1653x2338 // 1.8MB armor barding bare_legs between_thighs bikini blurry breath cape claws crown depth_of_field dragon front-tie_top green_eyes helmet highres horns jewelry monster_girl navel necklace open_mouth original pointy_ears prototype-d riding saddle silver_hair skull slit_pupils solo swimsuit tail tattoo wings // 1065x1623 // 272.9KB 2girls black_hair blue_eyes blurry brown_hair bubble closed_eyes depth_of_field fish instrument kabocha_usagi keyboard_(instrument) long_hair mermaid monster_girl multiple_girls music original rainbow smile underwater vase water // 845x1019 // 831.9KB 1girl blurry bust cloud depth_of_field dragon dragon_ears dragon_girl flat_chest horns japanese_clothes kimono lips long_hair looking_at_viewer monster_girl nori_(neun_leben) original pale_skin parted_lips red_eyes sky smile solo sunset white_hair wind yellow // 600x600 // 66.0KB