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arms_behind_back blue_hair blush bondage dragging elf gagged glasses huge_breasts medusa monster_girl newspaper one-eyed pointy_ears purple_eyes purple_hair recolor scared struggle tan trapped underwear yellow_eyes // 1100x2700 // 2.0MB 2girls blue_hair bobomaster bow brown_hair crazy_smile detached_sleeves dragging drooling flying_sweatdrops gagged hair_bow hair_tubes hakurei_reimu head_fins japanese_clothes kimono long_sleeves mermaid monster_girl multiple_girls obi scared shaded_face shibari shirt skirt skirt_set sweat tail tail_wagging tears touhou wakasagihime wide_sleeves // 800x800 // 223.9KB arms_behind_back blindfold bondage braid collar dragging gagged huge_breasts leather newspaper peeing pinned ponytail recolor restrained robot struggle thighhighs trapped underwear vampire // 1024x2590 // 1.7MB angry arms_behind_back bare_legs bondage brown_hair collar dark_skin demon_girl dragging feet gagged horns monster_girl newspaper orange_hair police ponytail recolor restrained struggle trapped // 1024x2080 // 4.3MB angry arms_behind_back bare_legs bondage dragging feet gagged horns orange_hair police ponytail recolor restrained struggle trapped // 804x572 // 968.7KB barefoot blush_stickers child dragging fiery_hair fire hitec male moemon nintendo open_mouth orange_hair personification pillow pokemon quilava red_eyes sleeping tears wink yawning z // 512x512 // 65.2KB 2girls animal_ears cat_ears cat_tail convenient_censoring dragging kyuuki maid maid_headdress monochrome monster_girl multiple_girls nijiura_maids pointy_ears shikyou-aki_(placeholder) simple_background tail toukotsu wings // 600x600 // 162.2KB