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amputee android chainsaw character_sheet dress drill highres jon_henry_nam pale_skin pointy_ears prosthesis quadruple_amputee red_eyes scar screw stitches tagme translation_request white_hair // 1800x1200 // 355.7KB 2012 2girls 3boys apron baby_5 battle blood blood_in_mouth breasts buck_teeth buffalo_(one_piece) censor_hair censored chains cigarette convenient_censoring donquixote_doflamingo drill feathered_wings feathers franky_shogun fur_coat garththedestroyer goggles harpy kinemon long_hair markings mecha monet_(one_piece) monochrome monster_girl multiple_boys multiple_girls multiple_monochrome navel nude objectification one_piece short_hair signature skull_and_crossbones smoke smoking spoilers sunglasses sword very_short_hair waist_apron weapon wings // 1195x900 // 761.3KB +_+ absurdres akaname bat_wings belt comic cowering cyclops drill emu_(toran) forest ghost hairband hammer hands_clasped hat heart highres horn hoshiguma_yuugi injury kawashiro_nitori komeiji_satori long_tongue mechanical_arm monochrome monster_girl nature oriental_umbrella parasol remilia_scarlet sample tatara_kogasa thumbs_up tongue touhou translation_request umbrella wings // 650x3291 // 1.2MB