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1girl all_fours angel_wings ass bad_anatomy blue_gloves blue_hair breasts cold female gloves horns huge_ass huge_breasts ice monster_girl nude open_mouth red_eyes short_hair snow snowing solo tail thighhighs white_wings wings zonfutoshi // 607x859 // 314.0KB 1girl bare_shoulders black_legwear black_sclera blue_skin breasts cleavage collarbone ice japanese_clothes kimono large_breasts long_hair megane_man monster_girl obi off_shoulder original purple_eyes sash snowing solo tears thighhighs white_hair yuki_onna // 657x890 // 554.9KB 1girl blue_eyes blue_skin blush hair_ornament jumpsuit long_hair mittens monorus monster_girl monster_girl_encyclopedia outstretched_arms snow snowflake_hair_ornament snowing solo white_hair yuki_onna yuki_onna_(mamono_girl_lover) // 609x728 // 339.1KB 1girl female green_hair harpy long_hair monet_(one_piece) monster_girl one_piece orange_legwear snowing solo striped striped_legwear talons wings yellow_legwear // 600x800 // 253.7KB :< =_= blush_stickers brown_hair goggles hitec long_hair mamoswine mittens moemon open_mouth personification pokemon riding snowing solo tusks // 512x512 // 30.5KB bangs barefoot black_hair blue_eyes blunt_bangs blush_stickers covering_head hitec japanese_clothes kimono moemon open_mouth personification pokemon snorunt snow snowing teeth // 512x512 // 26.6KB berries candle christmas elbow_gloves female fur_trim gloves hat holly monster_girl oira original pointy_ears santa_hat santa_suit snow snowing solo tail x-mas yellow_eyes // 489x687 // 87.3KB